Event Staffing & Management

Legacy provides top-tier staff for any of your event needs from formal ushers to armed security. We've provided security and ... etc ...

  • Friendly Professional Staff

    Professional, Courteous staff that can provide your guests with the best experience at your event!

  • Certified

    Legacy's Event Staffing Group is certified for Alabama Security Regulator Board (ASRB) Certified Security Guard
    ASRB Certified Trainer Un-Armed
    Taser Certified
    Shotgun Certified
    Impact Weapons Certified.

  • We can help take your event to the next level!

    With Legacy's support, your event could really be next-level.


  • Experienced Scaffolding Carpenters

    Legacy has provided over 600 scaffolding carpenters and laborers since our founding in 2010. Scaffolding is one of our primary divisions and we take pride in providing experienced, dependable scaffolding staff that understands the importance of safety.

  • Commercial & Industrial

    While Legacy maintains the capability of providing scaffolding crew to any type of environment or project, we specialize in Industrial Scaffolding.

  • Anywhere in the US

    Legacy can provide you with the experienced labor and support of any size to erect your scaffolding anywhere in the United States.

Industrial Services

  • Industrial Contracting

    We offer a wide-ranging list of services including environmental clean-up, marine and industrial contracting, project management, construction, safety programs and more . . .

  • Quick Response

    As with all of our divisions, Legacy stands ready to support your business with the highest calibre of staff available with little notice.

  • Training, Certifications, Safety

    Our management team has extensive backgrounds in marine, industrial and commercial construction and safety.

Safety Management & Training

  • First Aid, CPR Training

    Legacy maintains a staff of certified professionals capable of training you or your people in First Aid, CPR and more!

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

    Not only does Legacy test our own staff for drug and alcohol abuse, we can also perform the same tests for your staff!

  • Other Training

    Legacy Group’s Safety Division has a complete staff of certified safety trainers in all areas of industrial related safety concerns. Let us help your company excel in all required safety training programs.

Transportation & Logistics

With some of the best talent in the country, it's hard not to be excited about Legacy's Transportation & Logistics Division! We can turn your logistics nightmares into logistics dreams!

  • Safety!

    Legacy employs only the safest operators. Safety is our primary goal in our Transportation and Logistics division.

  • Certified Operators Only!

    Legacy only employs active certified operators.

  • We Deliver!

    We deliver - Your cargo AND our promise!