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Legacy Group is proud to introduce our new engineering division!  We have put the necessary resources in place to begin offering several services with our engineering expertise.  Our services include providing engineering and design, procurement and logistics, construction support, fire protection engineering and full project management.

Engineering & Design


Legacy Group's technical staff provides proven engineering and design expertise in several fields including but not limited to:  Process/Chemical, Mechanical/Piping, Civil/Structural, Electrical/Power, Instrumentation/Controls, Fire & Gas Detection & Suppression, Drafting and more!

Fire Protection Engineering

Legacy is a leader in integrated life and asset protection!  Our fire protection group provides comprehensive hazard reduction to meet client needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

We can provide this service as part of a project team or as a stand-alone service with embedded project management.


Procurement & Logistics


Legacy Group has a dedicated procurement team that can support all of your procurement and logistical needs.  We are looking to partner with our clients and find the best-fit solution for your project and be your sole point of contact for the full project life-cycle.

We will ensure all materials are purchased, provide updates and visibility on the status of the order and delivery and manage all the time consuming details involved with procuring materials and supplies.

Construction Support

Our construction support services can integrate very early with your preferred construction and fabrication team. 


Integration between the designers and constructors can heavily influence the success of a project, while greatly reducing the need for field or engineering work.


Project Management


Legacy's high quality, scalable project management standards are applied to all projects, regardless of size.

Our staff utilizes our comprehensive Enterprise Management System and Project Management Processes to execute projects per client requirements, ensure on-time delivery, analyze and manage project risks as well as managing project scope and budget.

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