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Leslie is personally involved in all of Legacy Group's Divisions and is, in fact, leading our sales department at this time. 


Leslie Duke Jr. has been involved in the construction industry his whole life.

He started in residential construction when he was only 12 years of age with his father who was a home builder.

At the young age of 14 he was reading blueprints, doing layouts and job take offs. At 18 years of age he started in the paper/power and gas heavy industrial industry and quickly moved up the ranks to supervision rolls managing people, systems, profit margins and deadlines of multi-million dollar projects. At 30 years old he was hired as the Construction Manager of Safway Steal Products in Birmingham AL. Five years later he opened a scaffold company that specialized in the erection and dismantling of boilers during the outage season’s all across the US.

In 2010 he founded Legacy Industrial Group. In the years since he has managed to build a solid core group of like-minded individuals who have serviced multiple industries in 49 different states. By 2016 Legacy Industrial Group had become so diversified, the company underwent a re-branding and is now known as Legacy Group Holdings.

At this time Legacy Group Holdings has seven different divisions and managers.

Legacy Group stays committed to providing skilled employees a stable work environment and opportunities to improve their personal skills

Leslie is all about making a difference in the lives of others through training and gainful employment through his job as CEO and founder of Legacy Group Holdings, LLC. 

“In return, I get to see them capitalize on the opportunity offered and excel to better their family’s lives.”

Access Magazine- July 2019




Joey was born in Mobile, AL and graduated from Theodore High School. Joey moved to Texas in 2012 to work as a Safety Manager for Cajun Constructors, based out of Baton Rouge, LA. Joey has a combined TWENTY years experience working in the construction industry and brings with him a serious attitude for success.


-Crew Leadership
-Personnel Management
-Project Management
-Safety & Skill Training
-Public Speaking
-And much more. . .


Joey brings over 20 years experience in the field to Legacy Group providing an edge over our competition.


Joey is certified to provide OSHA certificates in confined spaces, OSHA 10 & 40 hour Safety courses, and more!


Cajun Constructors (Baton Rouge, LA - 6 Years)

Joey worked with Cajun Constructors as a Safety Director from 2012 until May of 2018 when he came on board Legacy Group.


Joey enjoys spending time weightlifting, boating and spending time with his family.



Information Technology Manager

As the IT Manager he is responsible for any and all technology needs the company may have from telephone communications to server installation and maintenance to WiFi to software support.

He also provides assistance to Rachel, Joey and Melissa in the operations department when deploying crews, creating and signing paperwork or managing a project.

Furthermore, Daniel is also our lead trainer for occupational safety, Hydro-blasting operations, event security and more!

Daniel P. Wolfe has been in the technology field since March of 2009 when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. After being given the option to choose basically any job in the army, he settled on becoming a 25P (Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer). Training for this position consisted mainly of computer networking and communications technology. Here he learned the basics of maintaining consistent uptime and communication, as well as networking fundamentals. After being honorably discharged in 2011, Daniel found work at a local Best Buy as a Geek Squad electronics technician. He was quickly promoted during Best Buy's internal department shuffling to an "Advanced Repair Agent" making him responsible for more repairs/technical work than customer service.

While working full-time and supporting a family, Daniel was also a full-time student at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College focusing on Computer Networking and Security. After 2 years, in 2013, Daniel found work in Mobile, AL as a Desktop Support Manager at a local call-center. He quickly developed his skills and was personally responsible for several major projects including the addition of 150 extra cubicles including networking, PC imaging and individual user setup!

After leaving the call-center in search of better opportunities, Daniel found himself in the position of IT Specialist at a local IT Managed Services Provider. Under the tutelage of his supervisor there, he became well-versed in all types of businesses from hospitals and medical offices to retail stores and gyms to construction or design companies. It was with this company that Daniel "Wolfe" first truly began working for Legacy Group Holdings. He met and developed a great professional relationship with Leslie Duke and the rest of the staff in 2014.

After 2 years with the service provider, Wolfe leapt once more into a more challenging role as a systems administrator for one of the largest law firms in Alabama. After a short time with the law firm, Wolfe found an amazing job opportunity with a local tri-state building material supplier as the Director of Technology. After a successful tenure at the supplier, Wolfe was offered the position to be the CIO for Legacy Group Holdings.

Rachel is an experienced emergency manager who has been deployed to respond to multiple emergencies affecting California, Nevada, North Carolina and Florida.

She joined the Legacy Group Holdings in February of 2018 as a Field Supervisor, where she led planning and coordination of technician’s efforts for Hurricane Florence in NC on 2 Military installations, and several schools that were damaged during the hurricane. Rachel then deployed to Panama City to help lead the Tyndal Air Force Base Project after it was destroyed by Hurricane Michael.


Rachel went onto working in the Operations Department at Legacy Group Holdings LLC and is now our Emergency Response Operations Manager. She holds several ICS, NIMS and FEMA Training Certificates, coupled with her years of extensive experience in Disaster Recovery, Search and Rescue and Emergency Management on Natural and Man-Made Disasters.


The Legacy Emergency Response Team is on call 24/7 and available to travel for our clients within 24 hours. Our Goal is to have the desired number of experienced boots on the ground. We have the capability to have up to 400 trained Technicians on the ground to help save lives, money and any further damage from Disaster damage.  Rachel’s team is trained in mitigation, remediation, tear outs and build backs of wind and flood damaged commercial and Government buildings. Our Legacy Emergency Response Team can deploy up to 400 technicians to your location. All Technicians have Hazwopper 40 and OSHA 10 Certification. 


Rachel Jackson is the Emergency Response Operations Manager.  She oversees a department of over 200 employees who are responsible for leading Legacy Group Holdings LLC Emergency Response Division, in planning, preparedness, communications, response, and recovery for local, state and national emergencies.  Her responsibilities include the overall operations of our Emergency Response teams, training, planning, logistics and deployment to Natural and man-made disasters.


Rachel has almost 25 years of experience in Emergency Services, to include, serving in many major wildland fires in California as  Type 1 Fire Crew Leader, 18 years of Search and Rescue, Investigative Man Tracking, Law Enforcement, and  served as a CEO on a National Search and Recovery Team that seeks out and rescues Veterans in Distress. She has served an Emergency Manager, Operations Officer, Incident Commander, Communications Officer, Logistics, Planning and resources Departments and worked in several major Disasters across the United States. She has led the activation of the incident command system in both planned and emergency incidents, in Nevada and California.



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